Swim Camps in Kona, Hawaii

Do love to swim while you are on "vacation?" Then Hawaii is the perfect place for you to keep up your fitness and learn something new. The Aquatic Edge Mini-Camp is a great option for a solo traveler, a couple or a small group because it offers a combination of private and semi-private instruction in a variety of locations. 

The Mini-Camp offers a flexible schedule that can be spread out over a long weekend, a full week or more. Best of all, you decide when and where you would like to meet (Endless Pool, ocean, Kailua bay or the community pool) and what you would like to focus on. The Mini-Camp is a GREAT way to experience a variety of what Karlyn offers in a variety of locations.  Book a camp today!

Sample Mini-Camp schedule

Session one in the Endless Pool: Experience the benefits of a session in an Endless Pool while Karlyn provides expert guidance on how to improve your stroke. You will feel and see immediate results! The day begins with a discussion about the techniques Karlyn teaches, a video demonstration of her stroke, followed by a private 60-minute lesson with plenty of videotaping and analysis. 

Session two in Kailua Bay: You are invited to join Karlyn on an unforgettable open water swim! Sessions are held on the swim course of the Ironman World Championships in the calm waters of Kailua Bay. Karlyn begins with an ocean safety talk, followed by about 30-minutes of open water skills and drills in shallow water. Then it’s time to head out into the bay where you will swim side-by-side while Karlyn offers additional open water and swim technique suggestions. The distance covered will depend on comfort level and ability of participants. 

Session three: You decide the location and your options are many! You can schedule a session at the Kona Community Aquatic Center to focus on the “other” strokes, turns, streamlines, pacing and workout strategies. Or, return to the Endless Pool to continue to work on the “new” stroke adding breaststroke and butterfly if you are game. Or, return to the ocean for another swim. Flexibility is key here so wait until after the first two sessions to decided what location will work best for you to help you reach your swimming goals.


Two session mini-camp $425, three session mini-camp $545
Two to five people: Two session mini-camp $395, three session mini-camp $495

If you are considering a trip to Hawaii and would like to work with Karlyn, please view her travel schedule first, then book your camp today!