Swim Technique Workshops


Swim Technique Workshops

Swim Technique Workshops

Karlyn Pipes travels the WORLD teaching swimmers and triathletes how to swim faster with less effort as the owner Aquatic Edge. How does she do it?  Plain and simple, the Faster Freestyle technique she teaches just makes sense. 

Karlyn's teaching style is all about doing less and getting more. If you are one of those swimmers that like to "roll like a log" that usually means you are often losing your balance, tightening up, your hips start to sink and your legs create counter balance to prevent your body from flipping over. This type of technique is a great way to spend a lot of effort to swim slow.

Now, try paddling your body like you are on a surfboard. Feels weird not working so hard, but notice how much easier it is to find your balance, relax and let go of strain in your neck and shoulders. In addition, your body will ride higher in the water and since you are not rolling from side-to-side, your legs will stay closer together creating less drag. Best of all, your energy can be used to move FORWARD. This is how fast swimmers make it look so effortless...they get more from doing less. That's why keeping it SIMPLE  is what Karlyn's Faster Freestyle swim technique is all about.

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Karlyn works with a variety of organizations and teams:

·      YMCA's all over the country

·      USA, Masters and IGLA swim teams

·      Triathlon and Multi-Sport teams/groups

·      US Navy Morale, Welfare and Recreation Departments (MWR)

·      Health and Fitness Clubs

·      Aquatic Directors seeking a “ready to go” program

About Aquatic Edge Swim Technique Workshops

Keeping the language simple and using a variety of examples in found in any aquatic environment, Karlyn will take you though a step-by-step Faster Freestyle progression designed to help you understand the concepts that support the technique she teaches.

All Aquatic Edge workshops start with an hour in a classroom-type setting (or similar) where Karlyn will begin the event with a mini-motivational talk designed to excite and inspire her students to be open to change. This will be followed by a 45-minute interactive group discussion outlining the techniques she will be teaching interspersed with viewing Karlyn's Go Swim freestyle DVD. 

Types of Swim Technique Workshops offered: 

Faster Freestyle with before/after video (4 hours). See yourself swim with two-videotaping sessions and analysis in a small group environment. After the one-hour classroom session (see above), students will enter the water and Karlyn will film and analyze the "before" stroke. The next 2-hours starts with the basics: breathing, balance and body awareness, then gradually builds into the step-by-step freestyle stroke progression designed to help the students swim a faster and more efficient freestyle. This will be followed with a second video analysis of the "after" stroke. Once out of the water, Karlyn will wrap up with a short Q and A session. Cost is $195 and space is limited to 10. 

Faster Freestyle (3 hours): The same as above but without the video. Perfect for a larger group or team. Cost is $125 and space is limited to 20. Group discounts are available.

Triathlon/Open Water Skills & Drills (3 hours). This super FUN workshop can be offered year-round at a climate controlled pool, or in the warmer months at a safe, sandy beach. We will start with a mini Faster Freestyle workshop, then shift to open water skills and drills including: sighting, drafting, evasive moves, warming up, start position and breathing techniques for all types of conditions and more. Cost is $95 for up to 25 people. Group discounts are available.

Multi-Stroke (back, breast and fly) workshop (3 hours). Swimming is a lifetime sport, so why not learn how to do the "other" strokes with EASE and CONFIDENCE? Even the oh-so-hard BUTTERFLY can be fun! Don't worry if you can't do these strokes, Karlyn will teach you! Cost is $125. Group discounts are available.

Youth SWIM FASTER NOW Workshops: This fun and energetic 2.5 hour YOUTH workshop will cover all four strokes, fast turns, motivation and how to focus on the details for better training and racing. Cost is $95.

Requirements: Please consider that all workshops start with one-hour dry, so we will need the use of a classroom, meeting room, empty storage room, or quiet deck space along with a TV/DVD player to watch Karlyn's Go Swim DVD. 

Pool time: Depending on type of workshops, 2-4 lanes preferably in the warmest pool possible for about two-hours.

Sample timeline: 

Four-hour video workshop from 5:00-9:00 PM: 5:00-6:00 classroom, 6:00-8:30 pool time, 8:30-9:00 lobby 

Three-hour non-video from 6:00-9:00 PM: 6:00-7:00 classroom, 7:00-8:45 pool time, 8:45-9:00 lobby to wrap up

Registration: Karlyn will work with you to set up the registration process, then she will create a ready-to-go registration form in PDF format for you to distribute along with an email blast to announce the event. Online registration may also be set on ACTIVE . 

Insurance: Karlyn can name your facility additionally insured (2 million/5 million policy), 

For more detailed descriptions and timelines for workshops click here. 

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FREE FOREIGN SWIM CLINICS for coaches and youths

Karlyn offers FREE workshops to coaches and swimmers from developing counties so she can share her knowledge, enthusiasm and teaching techniques with the world. This program is a WIN-WIN for all. The coaches attend a morning session that features multiple technical presentations provided by Karlyn (see sample topics here). In the afternoon, youth swimmers are invited to attend a Faster Freestyle or Multi-Stroke youth workshop with local coaches assisting Karlyn on deck while she demonstrates the effectiveness of the teaching techniques just learned. Requirements: Nominal travel fee, accommodation and the opportunity to host additional paid clinics in the area.

For more information, please contact Karlyn at aquaticedge@hawaii.rr.com



Swim Technique Presentations

Swim Technique Presentations

Swim Technique Coach

Karlyn is a world class swim coach and three-time presenter at the American Swim Coaches Association (ASCA) World Clinic.

Karlyn's experience both as a top-level swimmer and as a technical coach offers her a unique opportunity to achieve greater understanding, awareness and insight as to how bodies move in the water. More importantly, she can translate these thoughts and ideas into usable, worthwhile information that any coach can use to help his/her athletes to become a better swimmer. Elite coaches and swimmers worldwide endorse Karlyn's analytical ability, insight and knowledge.

Karlyn offers a variety of topics:

•   Power Failure: Five Reasons Why Your Pull Lacks a Punch

•   Setting up a High-Elbow Catch is as Easy as 1-2-3

•   Creating Self-Awareness in Your Swimmer

•   Effective Breathing Techniques for Aerobic Freestyle Swimming

•   The Art of Swimming Easy

•   Staying in the Know: How Fear Sabotages Peak Performance

•   Life Skills Learned at the Pool: Valuable Tools For Life

Invite Karlyn to inspire and educate at your next convention/conference, team event or camp.

Below is a sample of Karlyn's teaching methods.

The video's Karlyn helped create with VASA have had millions of hits and have helped millions of swimmers.