Swimming Lessons

Would you like to SWIM FASTER?  Then come to Kona, Hawaii so I can teach you how!

Whether you are new to swimming, plan to do a triathlon, or have been swimming all your life, let ME be the coach that unlocks your aquatic potential. All ages and abilities are welcome. 

Private instruction in an Endless Pool:

The Endless Pool is by far the most effective teaching tool I have ever encountered. Two large mirrors on the bottom provide instant feedback, and swimming into a current helps you to immediately feel the difference between faster and slower, efficient and less efficient swimming.   

How do you know if you are faster?

It’s SCIENCE: The speed of the current remains constant unless I change it. During your session I will provide you with simple and effective suggestions designed to help you improve both your TECHNIQUE and SPEED. When you make the changes, your stroke is now faster causing you to run into front of pool. You are now a scientifically proven faster swimmer.

Video taping and analysis: I will film a large portion of your session adding detailed analysis about your current technique and what you can do to improve it. These videos are useful during your lesson for instant feedback, but they are INVALUABLE afterwards as you will be able to reference them for years to come and continue to improve.

Contrast Drills: Throughout your session I will ask you to compare/contrast a variety of techniques to see what works best for you. This is where you really begin to FEEL the differences. At the end of the session we do a drill called “amnesia” to revisit your “old” stroke. While your “old” stroke may feel comfortable and familiar, you are going to be surprised at how much harder you have to work to go the new speed

The Noodle: I will tap you (nicely) with a NOODLE. Sounds weird, but I have found that a gentle tap on the arm, back or head is just one more way to provide you with instant feedback while you swim. Hint: Look in the mirror and you will see it coming!

Frequency of sessions: To achieve the best results, I suggest two or three sessions. 

Book your session today! 

All sessions include

  • Expert analysis which includes:

    • Overview of your current technique

    • What you can do differently

    • Why you would want to change

    • The reasons behind ineffcient swimming

    • How you can continue to improve

    • How to prevent and/or relieve pain from swim-related injuries

Coach Karlyn is demonstrating a high-elbow catch for an eager student

Coach Karlyn is demonstrating a high-elbow catch for an eager student

  • Multiple video clips of your “before” and “after” stroke with verbal feedback

  • Watch your stroke improve and change as the session progresses

  • Detailed handout supporting the techniques taught

  • Aquatic Edge cap

  • Choice of Karlyn's memoir The Do-Over or her instructional Go Swim DVD

Cost:  Initial 90-minute session is $250 and includes a 30-minute mini-clinic followed by about 60-minutes of water time with video analysis and real-time feedback.  Additional sessions are $160 per hour.

Youth sessions: $100 per hour

How to set up a session:

I travel frequently, so please check my calendar first to make sure I am home then to book your camp or lesson by email.